Hey Shimon, I spun up a Linux server at Digital Ocean (Digital Ocean), then installed an Apache server last night so I could serve webpages, is serving this page.

I'm going to start working on a project called "CAPSULA", which means small box or chest in Latin. A "naive" concept map sits below.

Perhaps CAPSULA won't ultimately "get legs", but it is a major project that I can work towards to utilize and hone some new programming skills. From others, at different insurance companies (i.e. Hanh's mention of Prudential and Kaitlin Weber's mention of Nationwide), it sounds like data management workflows and reporting/documentation seems a bit messy so maybe after developing CAPSULA a bit, a viable/valuable product will emerge.

So, I wanted to let you know I am still making strides toward our "little" idea, and ill send you updates as they are made. I've been trying to determine my new path: back to actuarial, on to programming or engineering; but, I can't get out of my mind this niche, and the possiblity to create some much needed software in an industry that has tons of money to spend--could be very lucrative and there doesn't seem to be any competition. And, better yet, with the way the tools of the actuary are changing, to R, Python, etc., we could maybe embed "modules" where actuaries could refine/specialize the code base to fit their needs (e.g. Axis allows the user to code in VB.NET, we could provide support for R or Python).

And lets get lunch soon. You set the date; I'm pretty much retired right now, so I am flexible.